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Would you like to import goods from China? We are your China Import Partner. As China Import Agency we offer our customers a complete service for importing from China. We research products and suppliers, support you with customs and logistics and optimize the import from China for our customers.


We are China Import Specialists. In the field of China Import we have good local networks in China. Our expertise in importing from China enables us to help European companies from various industries import products from China cost-effectively and with high quality. We provide first-class support in the coordination of contract manufacturing and understand the quality requirements according to European standards.


As an important service, we offer our customers the opportunity to temporarily store various goods in China and have their quality checked. After the quality release, the goods are shipped to Europe with an optimized logistics solution. Contact us and let us advise you competently. Our customers benefit from our lean structure and efficient way of working. This enables them to secure their competitive advantages in procurement from China




Import expert Jing Li comes from China and has over ten years of in-depth market knowledge and expertise in business with China. She is fluent in negotiating with Chinese suppliers. Customers in Europe benefit from personal and professional support, good availability, fast response times, efficient reporting and a high level of conflict resolution competence in the event of complaints.


We act as a cost-effective sourcing aid for medium-sized and small companies in China. This streamlines the purchasing process with Chinese suppliers and makes it more efficient overall. This enables you to achieve better purchasing and delivery conditions, because our first-class service creates a win-win situation for our customers and Chinese suppliers. As a partner, your success is our success!


China Import Beratung is your purchasing and import expert for goods from China. We help you to lower prices and better quality.


Our portfolio includes:


  • Product research
  • Supplier communication and price negotiation
  • Quality inspection on site at suppliers
  • Customs / logistics processing and logistics optimization
  • Complaint handling
  • Monitoring of import processes

YOUR Benefits

  • Contact with good and reputable suppliers with the opportunity to establish a long-term partnership.
  • Competitive advantages by reducing costs, because your internal procurement costs are reduced. China Import Beratung is happy to conduct negotiations for you and understands the best negotiation tactics among Chinese.
  • By establishing a stable supplier network, you can always meet your delivery obligations.
  • Fast action in crisis situations provides you with additional security.
  • Training and competence building of suppliers is a matter of course.
  • Understanding product development and marketing can be a prerequisite for China Import consulting.
  • We offer you comprehensive logistics optimization. For many years we have been working together with forwarding agents who offer services for the international transport of goods. Different logistics companies can have their strengths and weaknesses in different areas. We pass on our knowledge and know-how to our customers and bring the best logistics services on board for their goods imports. This alone offers you great potential for savings.
  • Full service: Ordering, logistics, payment monitoring, delivery dates, possible complaints - all from one source.


We attach great importance to efficiency. All our processes are kept extremely lean. Many processes are standardized. Quickly and effectively along the entire supply chain:


Inquiry ⇒ Supplier analysis report ⇒ Supplier selection ⇒ Sampling ⇒ Delivery ⇒ Supplier screening.


1. You as a customer make an inquiry to us. As a rule, this inquiry should contain precise requirements (description of goods, technical details, drawings, annual requirements, desired prices, etc.) so that we can understand and analyze your request quickly and competently.

2. We research the suppliers in China for you and carry out a supplier analysis. You will receive the first information immediately. After consultation, we will obtain non-binding price quotations for you from reputable suppliers.

3. We pass on the offer of the Chinese suppliers directly to you. An intensive price negotiation with the suppliers takes place, if you have pre-verified your suppliers.

4. In case of a positive decision for a supplier, we will arrange the sampling for you.

5. If the sampling is successful, you place the order directly with the Chinese supplier and conclude contracts directly with him.

6. All business transactions such as order, logistics, invoice, payment, delivery dates etc. will continue to be accompanied by us.


You have a small business or just started your company and are now looking for a cost-effective and effective solution for your product or sourcing in China?


Then you have come to the right place. China Import Beratung has gained a lot of experience in building sourcing solutions for start-up companies in the last years. Initial difficulties with start-ups, such as too little manpower, limited capital, need for fast product cycles... We know all this.


We offer companies not only our standardized sourcing services, but also individual solutions. If you are interested, we would be pleased to offer you a personal consultation. Please get in touch with us.


As a customer, you can decide for yourself which services you use and how much you want to pay for them.


We offer either an all-inclusive package that includes all services. Or you can combine individual services such as product research, logistics optimization, complaints processing, etc.


Please ask us for a non-binding offer.




Would you like to learn more practical tips about sourcing in China? Then visit our one-day seminar in Frankfurt! This seminar discusses the entire sourcing process, including the following points

  • The Chinese poker face: How do I see through negotiations with Chinese suppliers?
  • How do I use sourcing websites like Alibaba and wisely?
  • How can I identify fraudulent activities on sourcing platforms such as Alibaba?
  • How do I assess a Chinese supplier? What are the criteria? - the "3-K" principle
  • Which aspects do I have to consider when drafting contracts with Chinese suppliers?
  • How do I deal with delivery delays?
  • How does payment monitoring work during order processing?
  • What secure payment methods are there?
  • How do I make sure that my products in China are not copied by the suppliers?
  • What do I do if my Chinese suppliers suddenly increase the price drastically?
  • How can I negotiate the best conditions with Chinese suppliers without endangering product quality?
  • What certificates does my supplier need? How do I judge whether the certificates of my suppliers are genuine?
  • How do I build up my suppliers so that a stable supply relationship functions in the long term?
  • How and where can I optimize my sourcing processes?
  • How can I design the quality control on site effectively and cost-effectively?
  • How can I optimize my logistics processes so that delivery dates and cost targets are met? Sea freight, air freight, truck, express ...
  • How do I position my complaint with suppliers?
  • How do I assert my interests? Help - Customs control! What do I have to do now?

Costs: Ask us without obligation.


We will be happy to make you an individual offer. Make an appointment with us.


In-house seminar


We can plan and carry out the in-house seminar according to your individual wishes. We consider your suggestions for topics that are relevant and important for your work. These topics will be dealt with in the in-house seminar. Please ask without obligation and free of charge!